Friday, October 10, 2014

Introducing the newest addition to the Nitto lineup...the Terra Grappler G2

It is safe to say that I have sold more Nitto Terra Grapplers over the past 6 years than any other tire on the market.  It is also safe to say that this tire has developed a reputation as one of the best all terrain tires on the market for everyday on and off road driving.  So when Nitto announced that they have a new Terra Grappler coming out the first thing I asked was, "What is wrong with the old one?"  I mean if is isn't broke don't fix it right?  Well evidently Nitto thought the tire could use some improvement and that brings us to the new Nitto Terra Grappler G2!

What's different?
Probably the most common complaint I get from Terra Grappler owners was that they just didn't get the wear they were expecting.  Not that a lot of them complained about it because I rarely get ANY complaint from Nitto's, but I would say this is the most common.  While 90% of owners get great or acceptable mileage, there is the other 10% that had them fall short of what they were expecting.  Nitto responded by introducing an all new tread compound that is supposed to have superior treadwear to the old tire.  How sure is Nitto of this new compound?  They threw in a 65,000 mile warranty on all p-metric sizes and a 50,000 mile warranty on LT sizes.  Overall, the Terra Grappler was already a great wearing tire so I'm excited to see what we will get from the G2!

Tread Design
The tread design on the new G2 is almost identical to the original.  The shape of the lugs is the same but the siping is slightly different.  The siping on the outer tread block extends all the way to the edge.  The biggest improvement here is that the sipes are now full depth.  This means they are cut all the way to the bottom of the tread which will allow you to have the advantage of siping throughout the full tread life of the tire, not just the first half.  This also improves the looks of the tire as the tread gets low.

Sidewall Design
The latest trend in off road tires is an aggressive sidewall design.  Not everyone wants to run a mud tire with side cleat, but most still want the side cleat.  This gives the tire a good, aggressive, offroad look without all the fuss of an aggressive tread.  Nitto answered with 2 new sidewall designs that you can choose between before mounting.  In my opinion they did a great job and delivered a great looking sidewall!

Sidewall 1

Sidewall 2

Nitto seems to have taken one of the best truck tires available and made it even better!  These should satisfy even the most critical offroad enthusiasts as well as your everyday driver just looking for a reliable, quiet, good riding tire with great tread life and a bold look to go along with it.
The G2 has just been released in 20 sizes with 12 more sizes to be released in the next month.
You can get another good look at the new G2 along with a full list of sizes and specs by visiting Nitto's website.

You can check out the sizes available now and order the new tire through our website with free shipping.
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