Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pre Release of the New XD Rockstar III XD827 Wheel and Customizable inserts - Rockstar 3

It's an undeniable fact that the Rockstar series of wheels by KMC has been one of the most influential and best selling wheel lines of all time.  It looks like KMC is going to keep this line going strong with their announcement of the release of the new XD Rockstar III or XD827!
The Rockstar 3 is taking a very customizable path with all kinds of options as far as the removable inserts for these wheels!  It looks like there are going to be 4 different options on how you can run these, as well as mulitple colors for each and also 2 different base wheel finishes.

The Rockstar III will be available in an all matte black.

The Rockstar III will also be available in matte black and machined.

You can run the wheel with or without inserts.  Here is a picture of both black and black/machined without the inserts installed.

Now to the customization!  There will be 7 colors available in the inserts.  XD knows that Jeep lovers especially love custom color matching parts on their Jeeps, so they made these inserts to match factory Jeep Wrangler paint colors!  So the red is actually Jeep red!  Can't beat that!
Here is a preview of the colors. Red, yellow, orange, green, blue, white, and of course the black that comes with the wheels originally.

All Rockstar III's will come from the factory with the black inserts installed and the colored inserts are an option to purchase separately.

The inserts that come with the wheels from the factory are what they call the "mid spoke" inserts.  An alternate insert that can be purchase separately in any of the colors is the "split spoke".  Here is a picture of the "split spoke" installed on a wheel.

The 3rd insert option is a spoke delete and replaced it with a bolt on bead lock.  The bead lock can be purchased in any of the 7 colors as well.  Here is a shot of the bead lock installed on both the black and black/machined.

Here's a few more shots for your viewing pleasure!

There is going to be a chrome insert option as well, though I believe that may be released at a later date.

So as you can see KMC has took the next step in customization for the new XD827 Rockstar III.  Obviously the all black is going to be the most commonly sought version, but it will be interesting to see how many decide to take advantage of the custom colors and designs!
It looks like these are going to be arriving to dealers by mid July and here at Custom Automotive we have loads of them on order as well as the custom inserts in all colors!  KMC has yet to finalize pricing, but that will be coming in the next few days.  Check back with our site for pricing or to order - .

You can also visit our Facebook page for updates, as well as follow us on Instagram for more pics!
Here is a list of sizing and offsets that will be available!

17x8  +20
17x9  -12
18x9  +0
20x9  +25, +18, -12
20x10  -24
20x12  -44
22x10  -18
22x12  -44

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